Canada Immigration

Canada a nation built on immigration has been in the news for a long and still is a hot destination that is considered as the most desired home of the future for millions of enthusiasts all over the world. The reasons for such cravings are more than obvious. A chance to settle and migrate to Canada can fetch several unparalleled joys and benefits for the new immigrants. This country has all the qualities that one could consider as ideal:

  • A virtually racial slur free society;
  • A highly westernized lifestyle;
  • A highly urbanized living standard;
  • A world-class education set-up;
  • A state of the art healthcare system;
  • A wonderful comprehensive state support system;
  • A burgeoning economy that finds its deserving place as the 10th largest economies, and
  • A growing economy with its ever fast-growing industrial sectors;
  • A virtually corruption-free society;
  • A great place to start a career and advance it; and
  • A great location to enjoy family life.

The conditions in Canada are fast-evolving, with the nation now putting itself in the driver’s seat and vying for the top positions at the global level, it has always done everything that makes sense and has been helping it in its tryst.

However, one area that the Canadian government does not want to take chances with is the dearth of skills that mars its industry – due to a structural deficit in the skills pool and is committed to render every possible resource to help the economy stay on course. The country is faced with a negative population growth which takes the local skills to resource an unlikely probable source. This leaves only one option open for the country is allow people to enter the country and settle down to contribute to economic productivity. To make this effective, the Canadian government offers different programs, such as:

Skilled Canada immigration program

To fulfill the skills deficit, the federal government in conjunction with the provinces runs skilled immigration programs to allow entry of skilled professionals and tradesmen who fulfill the required parameters of different programs.

These streams allow people with the required skills, from overseas to migrate to Canada on Canada PR Visa and settle down permanently and contribute to the economy. The programs are offered in different manifestations:

  • Canada permanent resident visa
  • Canada Temporary Residence visa

Canada Business Immigration Program

Besides Canada Business Immigration Program, the government also finds a rich resource of roping in cash-rich entrepreneurs with their global connections to enter and establish.

Family reunification and Sponsorship Programs

Furthermore, it also intends to make the family connections of immigrants stronger in Canada. To allow this to happen, it also renders several schemes that allow the family members and relatives to come to the country, live, study and work in Canada.

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