Ontario happens to be the most populated and most lively province of Canada, and it also house the capital, Ottawa, and the financial capital, Toronto, of the country. With a population ratio of nearly 40%, and a big industrial hub, this province has a lot to offer to the people living in this state. It is bordered by Manitoba, on the west and  Quebec on the east and with only sea – Hudson bay on the south.

The economy of this state derives its GDP from variety of industrial sectors – from natural resource extraction to manufactured goods, in form of cars. The whole state is dotted by burgeoning industry, which is also served by a huge network of well-planned highways, which also connect it with the rest of the country and of course the USA.

More recently, this state is making a headway in establishing itself as a IT hub too, which has raised its stakes as being a knowledge based economy rather than being a manufacturing-based  economy only.

The  blooming economy has an insatiable appetite for skilled workers – who usually hail from other parts of the world, in form of temporary and permanent resident workers. Thus, to enable permanent supply of skills, the government of the province runs its own state-centric Canada PNP program, better known as Ontario Immigrant Nomination Program – OINP.

OINP happens to be the most desired ways to migrate to Canada, This scheme  is run in close coordination with the federal government and IRCC, and relies on Express Entry portal to help select suitable candidates with appropriate education and work experience besides being within the specified age. This stream is being offered to the aspirants in various manifestations:

  • Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills Stream
  • PhD Graduate Stream
  • French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream
  • Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • Skilled Trades Stream
  • Entrepreneur Stream

Out of the abovementioned schemes that are on offer, Human Capital Priorities Stream is deemed to be the most suitable pathway for skilled immigrants intending to shift to this state, and live and work and Canada permanently, in the state of Ontario.

Scope of Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream

This scheme offers Canada Permanent Resident Visa status to the applicants through

  • Canada Experience Class – CEC; and
  • Federal skills workers route – FSW.

How you can access this Route

Canada Experience Class

Although this scheme requires the applicants to file for PR visa through the Express Entry, and the selection is also based on the number of marks scored, the processing is carried out differently.

Federal Skilled Worker

This route is suitable for the those applying offshore for the permanent visa of Canada. As an applicant you would require to fulfill certain stipulated parameters that must include following:

Must have a valid profile on the Express Entry that matches Canada immigration eligibility,  and is with qualifying marks  that would help you to earn a nomination from Ontario;

  • Must be working in NOC ‘0’, ‘A’, or ‘B’ categories;
  • Must carry an experience of a minimum of one year in the previous three years;
  • Must be in possession of compatible language skills of either of the official languages of the country: English, or French, which must be substantiated by writing an authorized language test for English;
  • Fulfill necessary education qualification stipulations: getting an ECA from an approved Canadian credential assessment agencies. The educational requirements need to the applicants to be at least a graduate in their field of study and professional domain; and
  • Proof of minimum subsistence funds for surviving in the country during the period of transition.

Ontario has been participating in the Express Entry program since last 2 years and has selected several. This route has also proved to be one of the fastest passages to Canada.

Benefits of OINP

  • You get to live in Canada, in an area that has abundant of opportunities related to a wide variety of professional backgrounds;
  • Ontario has a rich representation of multiple cultures and ethnicities that makes this state a true melting pot of cultures;
  • Highly westernized lifestyle with a rich cultural mix. You will not have a dull moment while residing in this state;
  • Your spouse and children can study in Canada, in any part of the country.

Who can apply

  • This program can be accessed by either those living in this country on Canada Temporary Residence visa, or those currently residing offshore

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