Despite liberal and easy to immigrate policies, many aspirants are still slapped a refusal by immigration authorities. If you have one, you need not worry about this, we are there to help you sort out matters for you; and present your case to the relevant authorities by filing an appeal for reconsideration and rolling back of their decision of returning your request to migrate.

We have an exhaustive experience in dealing with such troublesome cases, where people may have been disappointed by unexpected refusals. Over the years, we have successfully handled refusal requests, and our success rate is surely unprecedented.

How do we take up your case

Whenever there is a case of application being returned as being ineligible for the immigration PR Visa, we ensure that we follow a structured pattern and strategy of assessing, preparing, and presenting the case.

Most of the times, as we have experienced, the returns are primarily due to deficiencies on the part of the candidates themselves of their consultants, in which case, the brunt is though borne by the applicants themselves.

Evaluating the ground and reasons of refusal

Most of the times the rejections are due to the following reasons:

Inconsistencies in the application: A majority of rejections occur on account of applications not being submitted in the required format along with the supporting documents. Not just this, many a times despite everything being correct, details furnished do not comply with the requirements. It is also possible that required papers might also have been given a miss, or submitted late. These reasons cumulatively can result in the application being deemed as a case of misrepresentation.

Applicant being deemed ineligible: It is a strange sounding reason, but still true. Many a times people, even the consultants try to nominate a skilled occupation code in the application where applicants fail to prove their qualification. This often happens when out of inexperience people or their advisers blindly submit their requests. Most of the times, it has been seen that occupational code may have been as per your country’s trade norms but not of the destination country.

Inadequate settlement funds or changes in the details of funds: Surprisingly  true. Many a times applicants create discrepancies in the bank details and furnish contradictory statements.

Immigration officers failing to establish your eligibility on other factors: In the current point based assessment immigration system, there is a  great possibility that immigration officials might feel that you do not meet the point criteria, or perhaps they may not be convinced that you actually are a relation of a national or permanent resident who have nominated you for a PR visa. This can dampen your chances and result in a refusal.

The list of reasons can include the above said, but may not be limited to these. We thus, make a thorough assessment of case, and then propose an action. Since most of the refusals  leave a room for reassessment and appeals, we use the opportunity to prepare your case carefully to present it to the adequate authority.

If you have encountered a similar hurdle, contact us right away for the solution. We can help you salvage your case and get you your much desired permanent resident visa.