Subclass 491  is a temporary Australian skilled Visa that allows the immigrants to enter the country, and live and work in regional areas for a period of 5 years. This category being a sponsored one, needs a sponsorship of either a state or a  territory, or a qualified relation residing in Australia either as a citizen or a Permanent resident.

This route is suitable for those who would not like to apply for the permanent resident visa, or are unable to file for one currently. Applicants can file for this category either as onshore, or as off-shore candidates;

What are salient features of this Australia Skilled Immigration Provisional Visa

The visa holders can:

  • Reside and seek employment in Australian regional areas for a period of 5 year;
  • After 3 years may qualify for permanent sub class 191, due to be incorporated in 2022; and
  • Be accompanied by dependents by filing a separate application under subclass 491 – subsequent entrants.

What are eligibility parameters for this visa

To be deemed qualified for this visa category, applicants must

  • Be under 45 years of age;
  • Work in a skilled trade featuring in the relevant skilled occupation tabulation;
  • Have  compatible skills in English language; .
  • Carry appropriate education and professional exposure which must have been accredited by a designated credential assessment authorities of Australia;
  • Must submit an EOI – Expression of Interest on SkillSelect;
  • Score a minimum of marks in Points Test when they receive in an invite to apply for the visa;
  • Obtain a sponsorship from either a province or a territory, or a qualified relation residing in Australia in designated region;
  • Have a non-criminal background; and
  • Be in good health as per Australian parameters.

How much this visa costs

The costs involved in obtaining this visa include:

  • Subclass 491 visa applicant – AUD $ 4045
  • Subclass 491 visa subsequent applicant – AUD $ 4045