Australia is a prolific and the most desirable destination for immigration enthusiasts from all over the world. The attraction of this location can be attributed to many reasons:

  • The current economic development index;
  • Excellent lifestyle that highly westernized and urbanized;
  • World class education facilities;
  • Comparable health care support to every national, as well as permanent resident of Down Under;
  • Abundance of employment opportunities in various industries, especially IT; and
  • Most of the all,  the relaxed skilled migration policies that is guided by a plethora of immigration options available for access by the interested immigrants. .

Australian government has laid a comprehensive framework of permanent and temporary visas through the skilled and business immigration at the disposal of willing applicants, to enter the country; settle down; and contribute to economy of the country. These visas allow the qualified applicants for Australia immigration permanently or temporarily.

With recent changes in the point system in Australian immigration, which came into force from November 16, 2019, the process of earning an immigration to Australia has become lot more easier for the candidates holding appropriate qualifications.

What are the Benefits of Australia PR Visa

Applicants obtaining Australia PR visa can enjoy an unprecedented list of advantages. This include, but not limited to:

  • Permission to reside in Australia for an indefinite period without needing to renew permanent resident visa;
  • Permission to live, work and even gain education in the country;
  • Permission to work anywhere in the country, except a few strategic locations;
  • Take up, or give up employment as per one’s own convenience;
  • Access healthcare support offered by Australian government;
  • Avail subsidized education;
  • Be accompanied by the family, including dependent children within the specified age range;
  • Apply for the nationality of this country through the process of naturalization after  a designated period.

How can one avail Australian immigration

The entry permit into the this country opens up an array of opportunities in 6 states and 2 territories. There are several streams available for the applicants to access – ranging from  Australia Permanent Residence Visa. Interested applicants can use any of the routes for which they qualify and which suits their profiles.

There are certain parameters which applicants must meet in order to be deemed qualified for Australian immigration. These are specified as:

  • Skilled migration – those intending to shift Down Under on the basis of the skilled immigration (permanent or temporary) must get
    • A positive credential evaluation report from a designated Australian assessment agency. This report is created after assessment of education and professional exposure;
    • Language compatibility in English supporting that can be obtained by writing an approve language test.
  • Business and investment migration – applicants filing for business or investment programs (permanent or temporary) must arrange the following documents
    • Reports on your financial background and business and investment exposure
    • An approved language test result to substantiate your English language skills

There are several Australian Visa Categories that allow people to submit their applications for immigrating to Australia. These can be broadly categorized as:

Australia Permanent Residence (PR) visa.  Applicants willing to obtain permanent residency can do so under following classes:

Skilled – permanent

    • Subclass 189 visa -This is an independent visa that does not require any nomination;
    • Subclass 190 visa –   This class requires people to obtain a nomination from an Australia state or territory.

Skilled – temporary

    • Subclass 491 visa – This visa is nomination class visa and allows entrants to reside in a regional area of the country for a period of 5 years. It   requires a sponsorship from a state or territory, or a qualified relation residing in a designated Australian region

Business and investment  

    • Section 188 – temporary
    • Section 888 – permanent

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