Sub class 189 is an independent skilled Australia permanent resident visa category that does not require immigrants to obtain nomination from a state or a relative already residing in the country. The route enjoys a great popularity among the immigration aspirants across the globe

What you need to obtain Australia permanent residency through this subclass visa

Applicants opting for this visa need to fulfill following criteria:

They should be working in an occupation that appears in the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills List;

They need to create a profile in form of an EOI – Expression of interest on the automated Australia immigration portal;

  • They should be less than 45 years in age;
  • Their profile should have attained a score a minimum of 65 points in the point based assessment;
  • They must have their educational and employment profile vetted from one of the designated evaluation authority of Australia;
  • They should have scored desirably in one of the approved languages tests too exhibit their language proficiency;
  • They should meeting minimum health standards as per Australian definitions;
  • They should having a clean background;

What are the benefits of Subclass 189 Independent Permanent Resident Visa

The visa holders from this category enjoy an abundance of unprecedented benefits, like they can :

  • Reside and seek work in part of the country right from day one of the entry into Australia;
  • Access certain social assistance features at par with nationals of this country;
  • Include your family members in the application for migrating down under;
  • Apply without an arranged employment offers, or nomination by an Australia state;
  • Live and work in Australia indefinitely;
  • Enjoy an unrestricted freedom to study in Australia;
  • Avail some categories social security grants;
  • Avail Medicare facilities;
  • Sponsor relatives and family members of Australian immigration; and
  • After a qualifying stay in the country, file for the citizenship of the country through the naturalization process.

How much this visa costs

The costs involved in obtaining this visa include:

  • Independent (Subclass 189) visa Primary Application – AUD $ 4045
  • Dependent applicant fee (18 and over) – AUD $2020
  • Dependent Applicant Fee under 18 – AUD $1015

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