Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

Australia allows entry to professionals, whose skills are in demand, on permanent basis. This is the most convenient though competitive pathway, and it depends on your scores.

Benefits of Subclass 189 Visa

This visa offers several benefits to visa holders, like:

  • Permission to stay anywhere in the country from the day one of entry into Australia, and also change location at any time;
  • Include family members in the application, including spouse and children within specified age range;
  • Live and work in the country for an indefinite period, even if you do not opt for obtaining nationality of Australia later;
  • Choose to work at your convenience, and switch jobs like other nationals of the country;
  • Enjoy social grants, healthcare support and educational support for yourself, as well as your accompanying dependents; and
  • Apply for and obtain citizenship of Australia through naturalization process after four years.

What you need to get this visa?

Subclass 189 visa is an independent permit, that does not require you to get a nomination; hence it completely depends on how many Australia PR Points you score, and certain other pivotal components of your profile:

  • Your age, should be below 45 years on the day of receiving an invitation;
  • Your occupation, which should be in demand in Australia and feature in a relevant SOL- the skills table;
  • Your educational qualifications, which should match the field you are working in;
  • Your linguistic skills in English will matter most when deciding about how many points you score;
  • Your professional exposure in your nominated occupation or the field you are working in;
  • Score at least 65 points, the higher the better, to receive an invite; and
  • Be healthy and not suffering from an ailment that is considered to be a threat to public health in Australia.

How to go around with the visa obtaining process and Visa Processing Time?

The process of obtaining Skilled Independent Sub Class 189 Visa is generally carried out in eight steps. After signing us as your agents to handle the Australian PR Process, after you have cleared our assessment parameters, we assist you in obtaining necessary skills assessment from the relevant Australian skills evaluation body. This should take somewhere around three to four months. After this, the application preparation and submission of application begin.
Generally, the processing of application for Australian Subclass 189 should take between six and eleven months, from the date of submission of your application.

The Cost of obtaining visa:

This class of Australian permanent resident permit costs AUD 3755 for the primary applicant, with some additional costs for each dependent included in the immigration request.

If you are keen on migrate to Australia with this visa

If you feel that you fit well into the scheme of the things for this class of visa, or are not sure, but want to explore opportunities, contact us today, and mail us yours’ and your partners’ up to date resume for a free assessment. Please feel free to send us:

  • Up to date resume;
  • Resume of your partner, if you are married; and
  • Details of your dependent kids, if any.

How to send us your details ?

You can either fill in the online form, or send us through email at