British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia, BC, or Beautiful Canada is a unique Canadian province with everything unique, right from the unique climate to a unique mix of populace that hails from various parts of the world. With Vancouver, one of the  biggest cities of Canada, as its capital, this state present several opportunities to immigrants to immigrate, live and work in Canada permanently.

This state is located on the western coast of the country and is just 30 minutes by air from one of bustling industrial town of the USA, Seattle. Even though, its economy is primarily dependent on natural resources and tourism, this state has always seen a dramatic rise in the requirement for skills in diverse occupations.

To cater to an ever growing need of skilled professionals and workers to work in various venues, the government of this state runs its own provincial nomination program with various streams.

What is the Scope of BCPNP?

The PNP based Canadian immigration program of British Columbia happens to highly responsive to the state centric requirements and is adjusted regularly to suit the needs of local skills pool. Under the current edition, this program is accessible under following streams:

  • EEBC – Skilled Workers
  • EEBC – International Graduates
  • EEBC – Healthcare professionals
  • EEBC – International Post-Graduates

Each of these programs have their typical parameters to determine the eligibility for permanent residence in Canada. These schemes require people to create a profile on the Express Entry platform that is controlled by Canadian immigration program of IRCC.

Can I Qualify for British Columbia PNP?

Of course, you can qualify for BC PNP backed Canadian permanent residence permit. These streams are categorized as economic immigration, and tend to address the skills requirements of skills and experience of BC businesses. To qualify for this program, you must fulfill parameters of one of the streams:

Skills Immigration for:

  • Skilled Professionals – NOC A, 0, B;
  • Skills Health Practitioners – physicians, registered nurses and other allied health care workers;
  • International Graduate from a BC University;
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled – (including workers in the Northeast Development Region of B.C.) – people working in tourism and hospitality sector, food processing and long-haul trucking, OR new entrants in the trade and semi-skilled tradesmen living in the Northeast Development Region of the BC.

What are the parameters for eligibility for Canada permanent residence through this program?

To be deemed suitable for BCPNP, to substantiate their eligibility for Canada permanent residence, the applicants must:

  • Have a valid profile on the Express Entry portal and must also have a valid Job Seeker Validation Code.
  • Meet the requirements of any of the following:
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program
    • Canadian Experience Class
  • Received a regular indefinite tenure job offer from an organization based in British Columbia. It is imperative for the work to be classified in National Occupational Classification as Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B;
  • Must be qualified to work in that employment in B.C.
  • Possess a minimum professional practice experience of two years in the nominated occupation
  • Demonstrate that they can support their spouse and children, if they are included in the application
  • Be permissible and be allowed to live, work and study in Canada
  • Substantiate linguistic capabilities in the official language of the country

How Can You Access BCPNP

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