About New Brunswick

New Brunswick is the closest Canadian province to Europe. It’s also the only officially bilingual province with English and French as the main languages. The province offers a diverse way of life. Most people who immigrate to New Brunswick find they are welcomed into very friendly communities and exciting career opportunities. It has an excellent education system with low cost of living and housing and an exceptional quality of life, peace and security. The province also offers universal health care system and a clean environment with abundant natural resources. Currently, only 4 per cent of New Brunswick population is from other countries, which makes it value the experiences and skills of newcomers.

Overview of New Brunswick Entrepreneur Program

It is an economic Canada Immigration program for successful entrepreneurs willing to build, operate and manage a new business while settling in New Brunswick permanently. The program is run by the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour. It gives authority to the local government to nominate individuals, along with their families, who can promote economic establishment in New Brunswick.

Advantagesof New Brunswick Entrepreneur Program

  • New Brunswick Provincial Nomination Program is a fast processing program for entrepreneurs willing to make a life in the vibrant economy of the New Brunswick province.
  • New Brunswick Entrepreneur Program allows dependent children till the age of 22 to take admission in Canadian education system and pursue their studies. It saves a fortune in comparison to the fees linked to obtaining a separate student visa.
  • It has a minimal investment threshold and requires a low net worth as compared to other programs.

What are the requirement of New Brunswick Entrepreneur Program?

  • New Brunswick Entrepreneur Program admits applicants between ages 22 to 55, who have reading, writing and speaking familiarity with English or French.
  • The applicants must have completed a minimum two-year post-secondary education degree or diploma.
  • It requires the applicant to have a verifiable net worth of at least CAD$600,000, with CAD$300,000 available in unencumbered liquidity (bank account, stocks, fixed deposits, pensions, etc.
  • Applicants are also required to invest at least CAD$250,000 into a business in New Brunswick (of which they will own at least 33% equity).
  • The principal applicant should have previous management experience – either 3 years of business ownership or 5 years of senior management experience in the last 5 years. The management experience can be in the commercial, industrial, farming or self-employed/family business.

What are the process and processing time of NBEP?

New Brunswick Entrepreneur Program is a three-step immigration process. The applicant needs to submit first to the Province of New Brunswick, and then after nomination, to the Federal Government.

  • Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Submission of Application for Nomination Certificate
  • Submission to the Federal Government for PR Card

How to Apply?

The first step in the New Brunswick Entrepreneur Program process is for the applicant to submit his Expression of Interest. Before submitting the EOI, the applicant needs to complete a five-day exploratory visit to New Brunswick, or attend an overseas information session organized by the Province of New Brunswick.