Alberta is a state nestled between the USA on the South, Saskatchewan in the East and Northern Territories in the North and British Columbia in the West. The economy of this state is oil and agriculture centric; however, there are other activities too that play a great role in the GDP of this state. With a population of over 40 million, it is constantly in need of skilled professionals, which of course can  only be arranged through skilled immigrations. The economy of this state is one of the fastest growing in Canada.

In order to plug the structural gaps in the state centric skills pool, the provincial government runs its skilled immigration PNP, popularly called Alberta PNP, independently  and in coordination with the federal authorities – through Express Entry. It offers a plausible way of a chance Immigrate to Canada to the qualified immigrants. The program categories  are as follows:

  •  Alberta Opportunity Stream
  •  Alberta Express Entry Stream
  •  Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Alberta Opportunity Stream

This pathway is used to cater to those who possess a valid provisional work visa; are already employed in this province; and whose occupation is facing a dearth of expertise. This route also allows students who have successfully completed a Post Graduate study in an institution in Alberta. This scheme is guided by a typical Occupational codes list. A major overhaul of this scheme is on the anvil between 2020-2021.

Self-Employed Farmer Stream

This pathway is to assist those who are engaged in farming business. To access this stream, you must be able to substantiate your profile with the following documents:

  •  Financial credentials and standings in an existing farming enterprise. You must have a net asset value of a minimum of CDN $500,000 at your disposal. It is suggested that you should be able to demonstrate an intention of investing more than the aforesaid amount;
  •  Academic and profession education – if you have any;
  •  Work exposure
  •  A blueprint of farming venture that you are likely to establish in Alberta in which you must infuse at least CDN $; 500,000. You would enjoy a lead over others if you are intend to involve in an agr-business that confirms to the Alberta’s priorities; and
  •  A support letter from a Canadian financial institution stating that they intend to fund your farm business

How to get this

You would need to involve in detailed consultation with us to access this stream.

Alberta Express Entry Stream

This stream is very popular among foreign nationals who meet Canada immigration eligibility based on the AINP. The state government, under this scheme, nominates immigration aspirants who have education and exposure in the listed occupations, and are prepared to settle down the state and contribute to the economy of the state.

Scope of the AINP Express Entry route

The government of Alberta shortlists applicants fromExpress Entry pools on the basis of Point Based Systemby pitching a minimum selection mark.The selected people are issued a Notification of Interest – NOI  .

The shortlisted people are required to supply required documents to the state authorities for further assessment. On completion of the assessment, it the candidature of the applicants is found to be in order, they are furnished with a nomination.

Benefits of the AINP

AINP offers several advantages to the immigration aspirants. To enumerate a few below:

  •  Extremely fast processing speeds post NOI and nominations;
  •  Lower language CLB requirements
  •  Lesser competition, as you are guaranteed a seat if you are issued a nomination;
  •  A great chance to live in Canada, in one of the fastest progressing provinces after Ontario and British Columbia;
  •  After living for a stipulated period in the state, you become eligible to work in Canada, in any part;
  •  Your children and spouse can study in Canada, in any region,

Who can apply

This program can be accessed by either those living in this country on Canada Temporary Residence visa, or those currently residing offshore.

How you can access this program

You can access this route, one of the fast emerging pathways to Canada provided you fulfill certain stipulations  deemed necessary for eligibility for Canada permanent residence, like:

  •  You must have a valid Express Entry profile – that must have a validity for at least next three months;
  •  Have a score of at least 300;
  •  Must be working in occupations featuring in state centric required trades table;
  •  Must be in possession of certain skills, in terms of,
  •  Education: you must have minimum necessary educational qualifications that compliment the occupations you are working in;
  •  Experience: you must be having appropriate work exposure deemed as qualified, one year in most cases;
  •  Language: it is quite an important element besides your other traits is your language compatibility. You must be in possession of minimum language scores in English or French, etc.;
  •  Have appropriate money to settle down in the state;
  •  Have a strong intent of settling down in Alberta

How to apply

You must use services of a Canadian Immigration Lawyer or a reliable consultant like us. We can make things easier for you by lightening up the burden of preparing, submitting and following the AINP process for you.

You can get in touch with us for a Free immigration assessment right away by submitting your details online and mailing them to us.