Manitoba can be a potential pathway for you to Immigrate to Canada. This state lies almost in the heart of the Maple Leaf country bordered by Saskatchewan on the west, Ontario on the east, Nunavut on the north and the USA on the south.

This state has a population of over 1.2 million, with Winnipeg being its major city and capital. The state is known for a growing rich mix of ethnicities owing to the an ever-growing  influx of immigrants from all over the world.

The economy of this state although primarily dependent on agriculture, tourism, electricity, oil, mining, and forestry, it is fast diversifying and numerous ancillary industries have been gaining prominence. This aspect makes it a potent suitor for being the best destination for the new entrants. People often say that the energy is associate with this state and the ones who move to this province experience best of opportunities to work and live in Canada.

The state has been able to consolidate its favorite position due to the fact that cost of living in most of the cities of this state are way lower than those in Ontario. Another aspect that has brought this state in prominence is its unique immigration program that believes in bringing families of migrants together and letting nationals and permanent residents to sponsor their overseas relatives.

The state, like other Canadian states, hosts its own state centric provincial nomination program and invites those who confirm to  Canada immigration eligibility parameters along with the state defined stipulations.

If closely assessed, the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program, popularly called MPNP, can be categories in the  following ways:

  • State run programs
    • Skilled workers in Manitoba: this pathway is for those who are already residing in the state on Canada Temporary Residence;
    • Skilled workers Overseas;
    • International students scheme; and
    • Business investor scheme
  • Federal schemes driven by Express Entry in collaboration with IRCC and the federal government.

The MPNP is guided by a state centric trades list, that defines the requirements of skills that need qualified workers and professionals to fill up the structural gaps. The government receives the applications from the aspirants who meet the state defined criteria and also the stipulations that meet Eligibility for Canada permanent residence.

How to get this visa

State run programs

The province managed programs generally require one major parameter to be fulfilled, i.e.:

Applicants must have a sponsor in form of following capacities:

People nominating must be a Canadian national or a permanent resident who has established themselves in any part of the state. They can  be immediate or distant relatives,  or friends who can do the following:

  • Substantiate their ability to help the applicant in settling down and integrating successfully in state environment;
  • Prove that they have close ties with the applicants: prove familial relationships in case of close relatives, and proofs of being close acquaintances.

There is another new pathway that has been laid opened to the interested applicants is through state nomination that is issued to either those:

  • Who have an education qualification completed in the state, or have an experience of working in the state in the past;
  • Who receive an Invitation to Apply directly from the MPNP under the purview of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

Canadian immigration program  under the FSW

This scheme is linked to federal immigration initiative, Express Entry, which enables the state government to short list probable candidates on the basis of certain predefined province centric criteria along with other sundry parameters. To be eligible for this stream, one must:

  • Have a valid profile in Express Entry;
  • Be working in an occupation that features in NOC 0, A, or B list, and have an experience of a minimum of one year;
  • Be in possession of  required linguistic skills at par with at least CLB 7;
  • Have accredited education credentials, assessed by a designated credential evaluation agency; and
  • Have enough money to support oneself and their dependents in Canada; this clause is not required to be fulfilled if the applicants have employment offer from state based employers.

Benefits of Manitoba

  • You get to live in relatively cheaper location, where you can enjoy several benefits in form of saving as you live and work in Canada.
  • You, your dependents can avail a chance to study anywhere in Canada

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