Compiling necessary documentation happens to be pivotal to your immigration endeavor application and visa process. This can make a difference between success and failure of your intended journey. In recent times, to make immigration more reliable almost every country has adopted a zero tolerance approach when it comes to evaluating eligibility of the prospective new entrants on the basis of the supporting evidences supplied by them.

None of the countries are prepared to accept incomplete and bogus documents from the applicants. Unlike the past, they do not give another chance to the applicants to make corrections, complete their part, not the required format, in terms of application documents, or accept any paper that cannot be termed as authentic of cannot be verified. In last five years, applications even after being accepted for the final step have been turned down for not meeting the parameters deemed essential for immigration qualifications.

What you need to do?

The current situation and policy of governments of major destinations like Australia and Canada, makes it imperative for you to ensure that every document you supply is in the correct format and complete in all aspects. You must hence, get in touch with an expert who has an comprehensive knowhow about proper documentation process of the country you are dealing with.

We at Dream Country Visas have been involved in rendering reliable and verifiable support in terms of compiling important papers that would be needed to be supplied to the immigration authorities during different phases of the application process. Our team is a highly seasoned outfit that can help you in preparing the list, compiling and presenting your documents.

The list of the papers that you would need to put in order include the following:

Educational documentation

These papers help highlight your fundamental qualifications, on the basis of which your eligibility for the immigration visa is decided. These may include, you certifications: schooling, graduation, post graduation, and any trade or professional qualifications that may also be beyond the post graduation level, like PhD.

These documents, along with necessary translations if they happen to be in the local language, must be sent to the assessment relevant agencies of the country you are immigrating to.

Language compatibility certification

This is another very crucial supporting that must be obtained from an approved language testing agency. Countries like Australia are English speaking countries, which need you to write IELTS and present relevant scores to the authorities.

Financial credentials

Now the governments of many countries, especially Canada wish to ensure that when you enter their borders, you are capable of surviving in the country during the phase of transition – until you receive your PR cards to work legally in that country. So you must also supply your relevant financial credentials along with the application.

Medical Certifications

It is highly necessary that you and your dependents meet the health standards of the country you are being offered a PR visa by. You must undergo a medical test from a qualified agency and demonstrate that you are in a good health and do not carry any disease that can be a threat to the public health in your destination location.

Police Clearance Certificate

A lot depends on the  PCC, that can help establish that you are having a non-criminal background and are not in any way a threat to public safety of the host country, you are moving to.

Our expert team can help you appreciate the relevance of each of the document you would need to provide at every stage of the application process.

If you are keen to know more, feel free to drop us a query or call us right away.