Think immigration, and  the first question that props up to the mind what about the language. The new immigration systems across the destinations around the globe are no more keen on allowing people who lack language compatibility since most of such entrants are unable to survive and integrate successfully with local environment. Thus defeating the whole purpose of skilled of business immigration.

You are hence required to appear for an IELTS test if you are intending to shift to Australia or Canada. But, there is hardly any need to be worried about that since we at DreamVisas are well entrenched with the knowledge of the intricacies of this test, and help you in attaining the required scores.


IELTS (International Language Testing System)

This test is widely accepted as a bona fide certification of your language compatibility in English. The test attempts to gauge your skills in all the four departments of your language usage:,


  • Speaking
  • Writing,
  • Listening
  • Reading

The candidates are allotted scores in form of bands 0-9 depending on the abilities of the candidate. In the current scenario, different countries require a combination of the scores in each of the components to assess the abilities of the applicants and take a decision on their eligibility for the permanent resident visa application. The candidates are allocated marks for language which happen to be quite decisive in their relevance.

The departments are assessed independent of each other: as and when attempted, and scores of other component do not influence each other.

Speaking: this component tries to determine your abilities in conversing in English in an environment that is comprehensively influenced by this language. It tests your abilities in terms of fluency, usage of words, and ability to convey your ideas and opinions mean meaningfully and accurately.

Writing: this tests your ability to address the problem and query given in an accurate manner. Again, here you are tested on being able to communicate effectively using your written language skills, in terms of words, addressing the queries, expressing your views and ideas accurately and meaningfully.

Reading: this component attempts to test your comprehension skills. It gauges your ability off being effectively able to decode the written language effectively and answer the questions in the required format.

Listening: how you comprehend the spoken language is tested in this section. You must attempt questions posed along with a spoken discussion, lecture, telephonic conversation, or a monologue.


How do we make a difference

Our assistance resource in IELTS  consists of rendering you am experienced and specialized training  from experts in this field who can coach you to the desired scores, bands in this case. Whatever your language skills be, you can be ensured of a comprehensive support in all the components of this test.

We start by assessing your skills by subjecting you to a test assignment that does not only help us to assess your skills but also let you gain a view on your current level of proficiency in the English.


Do we offer a structured language support to you

Of course yes, we make it sure that you are not left alone to deal with the test alone, and we are there to assist you in this endeavor.

You have immaculate English skills, we have strategy to see you through in the first attempt itself. We will make it sure that you go and attempt the test confidently and score the required bands in the first outing itself.

You lack certain skills in the language, we can help you attain that level of proficiency and then assist you in preparing for the required bands.

We offer exhaustive support in terms of query and doubt mitigation, and also delivering you as to how to approach this test. It holds true for all the four components of this test. We can also help you foster the skills, you may require to apply to obtain required scores.

Personalized assistance: whether you approach for an online session of class room sessions, we always try to be there as per your convenience.

The assistance and guidance does not merely end at the tutoring but you also get a whole lot of up to date practice material

If you need any clarifications on this issue, do feel to free drop us a query or a call right away.