We at the Dream Visas can help you with the most fundamental to immigration processes: assessing whether your profile fits the caricature of immigration program of the country you are intending to immigrate to, Australia and Canada, in this case.

Shifting over to a country requires you to undergo a strenuous routine of various interconnected phases, each of which is pivotal to your success in your endeavor. And, the whole journey starts with evaluating your profile in the light of the immigration visa parameters of the intended destination you are attempting to relocate to.

But how do you determine that? Of course with the help of an expert who has an in-depth knowledge of the visa and immigration laws of the country? However, how do you find them? This is a major issue since the market is populated with thousands of self-styled experts who are no better than road side quacks.

“Half knowledge is dangerous” and we are sure that you cannot bet on someone who does not know the job well, and having an expert by your side in the times when the immigration laws have become unforgiving, is a must.


How do we help? 

We follow a comprehensive method of assessing your profile, in terms of various factors that can influence your success in your migration endeavor. The process can be elucidated in different steps, namely:

Personal interviews: this phase is more or less an informal face to face discussion, in which we try to evaluate your credentials on the basis of your age, educational qualifications, financial standing and your professional exposure in the field you are engaged in.

Credential evaluation: this is a two-step process. Without any documentary proof , you cannot convince any government authority about your claim of being qualified for an immigration pathway. That is what we do in this meeting, in the first step, we convince you about the usefulness of this process and while doing that, we also gauge the documentary evidence.

The second step, we carry out a thorough expert evaluation on your profile, and if needed, we also get advice of our visa attorneys located in Australia and Canada about the chances of your credentials meeting the eligibility requirements of immigration routes to Australia or Canada.

Every country has its own sets of typical rules that drive immigration – skilled and business – programs. It is extremely essential to be sure before we take a step and ahead and embark onto a journey that could prove to a life-changing decision.

Brain storming: once we have been through the exhaustive process of looking into your immigration profile, we invite you for a detailed discussion, and we inform you about where you stand and how can you earn a visa to your desired destination.

During this session, we also offer you suggestions regarding the possible routes – skilled or business – you could avail to gain entry into the targeted country as a permanent immigrant. Not only this, we also enlighten you about your chances of establishing yourself in your intended new home.

Once you are convinced about the probability of your successful immigration, we advise you regarding the route you could take – federal of state, both in case of Australia and Canada – and the occupational code that would suffice your profile.


What we offer you?


  • We lay at your disposal our years of experience that we have garnered over the years. With this we also offer your our reliable expertise that has been seasoned and honed with our tryst for discovering perfect solutions for our clients over all these years.
  • We partner you in your mission of moving to your dreamt destination, trying to help you materialize your contemplations.

If you are keen to immigrate to your desired destination and need expert advice, drop us a query or a call right away.