Canada is one of the prominent countries with a robust and prosperous economy coupled with a tolerant society. This nation has set all the narratives of doomsday proposers wrong by continuously registering rapid growth in economic productivity. Besides, a highly westernized and virtually crime-free society that also sans racial slur unlike many other contemporary immigration destinations of the world, and a supportive administration that is all welcoming to the ever-growing number of new entrants, makes Canada a desirable immigration destination. On top of that, Canada’s flexible immigration policies have always lured interested migrants to move to this country, settle down, and live and work in Canada permanently.

What Does  Canada Permanent Resident Visa afford to the successful candidates?

The PR visa holders in the Maple Leaf country get to enjoy all imaginable privileges and rights, except a few at par with other Canadian nationals. You can:

  • Live and work in Canada for an indefinite period in this country;
  • Study in Canada and avail all support and financial benefits offered to the citizens;
  • Access world-class health care support;
  • Receive unemployment support from the government;
  • Enjoy retirement benefits;
  • Travel in and out of Canada without needing any special permission;
  • Apply for citizenship of this country through naturalization process; and
  • Sponsor your relatives – in some provinces for a permanent resident visa;

There are many more advantages permanent residents can afford in this country, which of course are available to access of the Canadian PR visa holders

How to avail Canada permanent resident Visa

The process of obtaining Canada permanent visa can be broadly classified under two different sections:

  • Economic
  • Non-economic

Economic Programs

The most prominent of the permanent immigration programs of Canada are controlled and driven by the economic programs which intend to attract and allow Canadian PR aspirants in India and other parts of the world, in form of qualified skilled and business professionals, to enter the country and contribute to the economic productivity of the country. These programs can be categorized into the following streams:

 Skilled worker stream

By far the most important and popular pathway to the Canada permanent visa. This program intends to address structural gaps in the skills pools of the country. It is organized in diverse programs:

  • Federal programs are driven by Express Entry: Canada Express Entry has been a mainstay of getting interested applicants harboring a desire to move in with their skill sets that can benefit the industry and employers of the country by bringing in skills that are required in various occupations. This scheme embraces three major programs:
    • FSW (Federal Skilled Workers): for those working in NOC 0, A, and B type skills;
    • FSTP (Federal Skilled Trades Program): for those working in various trades defined in Type C and D;
    • CEC (Canada Experience class): for those already in the country on the basis of Canada Temporary Visa and intending to obtain permanent residence;
  • PNP (Canada Provincial Nomination Program): These routes and controlled by various provinces and territories of Canada, and tend to address state-centric skills requirements. Each of these programs has at least one of the routers attached to Express Entry;
  • Quebec: Quebec a French-speaking Canadian province runs its own independent skilled workers program and selects people on the basis of the local requirements;
  • Self- employed professionals: this is for those who are self-employed and wish to do the same in Canada

 What you need to avail Permanent Residency Visa of Canada

To obtain this status on the basis of skills one needs to substantiate your Eligibility for Canada Immigration by submitting the following details:

  • Age: one needs to be within a specified age range to avail of this privilege
  • Education: applicants need to have sufficient education to evidence their qualification to work in their nominated field;
  • Work experience: applicants must also have sufficient work experience in their field of practice;
  • Linguistic skills: one must have an adequate level of language compatibility;
  • Financial credentials: applicants intending to obtain Canada PR From India and other parts of the world, must have minimum subsistence money for settlement in Canada.

What Documents would show these facts would prove the candidature for Permanent Residency in Canada

To evidence qualifications, one must supply:

  • ECA report: one must get degrees, diplomas relevant to the occupation nominated in the PR visa application vetted from one of the designated Canadian credential assessment agencies;
  • Language test results: one has to prove their linguistic skills by writing an authorized language test and obtaining desirable outcomes;
  • Proofs of subsistence money: this can be done by presenting qualified proofs that may be termed as adequate by Canadian authorities;

Along with these primary documents, one must also be prepared to submit the following:

  • Police clearance certificates;
  • Medical check-up reports; and
  • Passports

 Where to apply

To receive a permanent residency Visa in Canada from India or elsewhere, applicants can place their requests through the following programs:

  • Express Entry

This intelligent automated portal accepts requests from willing applicants for federal and provincial nomination programs. Each of the profiles submitted on this portal is granted marks and those profiles are ranked as per those points. Federal and provincial authorities shortlist qualified candidates on the basis of the cut-off marks and invite the selected candidates to apply for a permanent resident visa.

  • Provincial Nomination systems

Applicants can also apply for the Canada permanent resident visa through the state-specific PNPs that are being run by various provinces and territories of Canada. These provinces issue nomination certificates to the successful candidates who in turn apply for a PR visa with IRCC.

  • Quebec

Those interested in Quebec Immigration place their requests on the automated Quebec online application system. The qualified people are issued nomination certificates. After this, the applicants apply for Canadian permanent residency with IRCC.

Start-up Visa Program

This stream has been created to target innovative entrepreneurs who have innovative business plans to establish commercial activity in Canada and can get endorsements from one of the designated financial venture institutions. This program starts with applicants entering into Canada; establishing a business; getting support from qualified Canadian angel venture agencies. This can fetch applicants permanent residency in this country.

The candidates, however, must also substantiate:

  • Their linguistic capabilities by writing an approved language test in English or French and obtain required scores; and
  • Their ability to support themselves and their dependents until their business starts earning revenues.

Non-Economic Programs

Non-economic PR visa categories work under the family reunification programs, where a permanent resident or a citizen can sponsor the following people for permanent visa:

  • Their spouse;
  • Their Children;
  • Their Qualified relatives;

What to do to avail Permanent Residency Visa in Canada from India

It is simple, you need to subscribe to our expert services to negotiate the permanent visa process. We can help you at every step and phase of this process:

  • Preparing application and submitting it;
  • Follow-ups;
  • Receiving nominations, or ITAs and responding within the stipulated times;
  • Receiving requests for passports.