Why You Should Go To Canada Immigration

Canada’s international migration reached 80.5% growth, and the population figured to about 37,314,442 by the start of 2019. The statistical record shows a surprising increase in new immigrants after the 4th quarter of 2018. This is the highest record level of immigration to Canada. Why do so many people migrate to Canada? What is so special about this most sought immigration destination of the world?

Why should you choose Canada Immigration? If you are looking for an easy Canada Immigration, here are some amazing and practical reasons which lure thousands of people migrate to Canada.

Canada is the 10th largest economy (GDP) in the world

Although Canada is known for its natural resources, the major economy is based heavily on service-oriented jobs. An estimate of 78.9% Canadians works in service-related jobs as per Canada’s statistics.  This means that there is a higher demand for skilled workers to meet the gap of labor in the service sector. Now the output is about 1.6 trillion or $48,000 per capita. 

Most inclusive countries in the world & no Persecution

Diversity and inclusivity is the hallmark of Canada. This is the only country that has strong support for the LGBT community. Women have a strong voice here.  The rights of women are established and heavily protected.  Canada’s women participation rate in work is over 82%. The government believes in fair laws, aimed to protect its population.

Canada embraces multiculturalism and immigrants

The policy of multiculturalism dates back to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and this has become an intrinsic part of Canadian identity. This is why the country has one of the highest immigration rates among the developed countries. Over 57% of the immigrants were skilled workers at the start of 2019.

People from all cultures live in great harmony while maintaining their cultural heritage and religious practices. To date there are about 30 ethnic communities, and the immigrant’s blend, as well as assimilate the established norms of the new land. 

Top World-class Education System

A great portion of Canada’s economy is applied to Education. This has resulted to make the country into the most educated country in the world. The K-12 public education system is regarded as the best throughout the world. Besides, Canada is home to the top universities in the world.

Work Opportunity | Rapidly growing tech industry

The tech industry in Canada is growing rapidly. The need for tech professionals is on the rise. The government is working assiduously to make the tech industry strong and making use of all tools for startups. The country is focusing on plentiful of rich tech talents, and individuals with the hand for innovation in the tech sector. Express entry lets you be part of the skilled force.

Get access to Free Universal healthcare

Under the Universal Healthcare program, every resident enjoys access to reasonable healthcare benefits. The quality of health care in Canada is significant, that too without spending from your pocket. This program is for everyone in the country and is regarded as the most reliable of all. Canada has the world’s highest life expectancy rates, and this places the country in 18th position.

Extremely safe

The country ranks in the 10 top safest nations in the world. It ranks as the 6th most peaceful nation in the world, which is based on many factors like militarization, political stability, diplomatic relations, incarceration rates, homicide rates, terrorism impact, etc. The crime rate has considerably reduced.

Beautiful place to live

The country undeniably has many exotic destinations. There is no shortage of places you would like to explore and relax. Canada is also home to hundreds of national parks, reserves, hiking trails, and historical sites. There are more coastlines in Canada than in any other country.

Bring your Family

Reuniting your family is the goal the country has for you. The various sponsorship programs let you sponsor close family members.

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